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Chao Wang

PI: Chao Wang

Assistant Professor; Office: ERC 539; Email:; Phone: 480-965-2056

Wang Chao


  • Ph.D.,  Dept. Electrical Engineering, Princeton University, January 2012
  • M.A., Dept. Electrical Engineering, Princeton University, September 2008
  • M. S., Institute of Microelectronics, Tsinghua University, July 2006
  • B.E., Dept. Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, July, 2003

Academic Experience

  • Feb 2016-Present Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
  • Jan 2015–Jan 2016 Research Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
  • 2012–2014  Postdoctoral research scientist, IBM T.J. Watson research center
  • 2012  Postdoctoral research associate, Princeton University

Post-doctoral researcher:

Smriti Sahu, with the group since Aug 2021
 I believe ‘Research is boundless in all sense; endless curiosity, fun and opportunities’ so I keep myself busy exploring. I am Electronics and Communication Engineer (2009, RGPV, INDIA) with a Masters in Nanotechnology (2011, RGPV, INDIA) and a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering (2018, IIT Indore, INDIA). Over the past years I worked with the synthesis and characterization of phase change materials, magnetic and other nanoparticles and nanostructures, thin films, BCPs etc. My current work includes designing and fabrication of nanostructures. Apart from academia, I love travelling, writing, singing, painting and so forth.


Ph.D. Students:

Pengkun Xia, with the group since Sep 2016
 I received my bachelor’s degree from Southern University of Science and Technology (formerly South University of Science and Technology of China) in 2016. My research interests are nanofabrication and DNA sequencing technology. Besides research, I also love reading, swimming, practicing Taekwondo and working out in gym. Hope to make friends with you!


Md Ashif Ikbal, with the group since Sep 2017
I received my bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering From Bangladesh University Of Engineering and Technology. I obtained my Master’s degree from Yeungnam University, South Korea. My research interests are nanomaterials synthesis and fabrication for bio sensing application. Besides research, I like to watch movies an sports, listen to music and travel photography.


Jiawei Zuo, with the group since Sep 2017
I received my bachelor’s degree in Instrumentation from Hubei University of Technology  in 2015.In 2017, I obtained my Master’s degree from Wuhan University,majored in Instrument Engineering. My research interests are nano fabrication and optical spectroscopy. Besides research, I like swimming and playing basketball.



Shinhyuk Choi, with the group since Jan 2018
I received my bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical engineering from Hongik University, South Korea, in 2012 and 2014, respectively. My research interests are micro/nanofabrication for DNA sensing and nanoimprint lithography. Beside research, I like traveling and watching sport games.


Md Ashiqur Rahman Laskar, with the group since Aug 2020
I completed my bachelor’s degree from Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST), Bangladesh. Then I obtained my master’s degree from South Dakota State University (SDSU), USA. At present, I am a doctoral student of Electrical Engineering in Arizona State University (ASU). My research interests include thin films, biosensors and nanomaterials etc.


MS/MSE Students:

Mohammad (Momo) Altarfa, with the group since May 2021
I received my bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis of electrical engineering at Northern Arizona University at 2020. My dissertations research interests are nanobody synthesis and bimolecular detection. Besides that, I enjoy watching soccer.

Undergrad and High-School students:

Chau Nguyen, undergrad researcher, From 2021.5-
I am an undergraduate student majoring in Electrical Engineering. I am interested in electronics in medical devices.


Pravin Paudel, Postdoctoral scholar, From 2016.4 to 2017.9
Currently I am in Sydney, Australia, with my adorable new born baby.


Zhi Zhao, Postdoctoral scholar, From 2016.12 to 2019.6
Currently I am a professor at the College of Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Technology


Xiahui Chen, with the group since Feb 2016
I received my bachelor’s degree from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in 2014, majoring in Microelectronics. I completed my Ph.D studies in Electrical Engineering in ASU in Dec 2020. While at ASU, I worked on gold based nanoantenna design, metasurface based optical device fabrication and LSPR based biosensing integrating with nanofluidics.


Connie Kwok, undergrad researcher, From 2017.2 to 2018.1
I am a Biological Sciences undergraduate. My major’s concentration is Genetics and Cell Development. I am a pre-med student and part of Barrett, the Honors College.
Shreyas Hallur, high-school researcher, From 2018.8- 2019.5
I am at BASIS Peoria high school, I have a passion for interdisciplinary STEM research, especially if it is related to nanotechnology.
Katherine Chou, high-school researcher, From 2019.11- 2020.3
Through the years, I’ve pursued learning opportunities in biology for myself. I am motivated and passionate. Conducting original research is another step towards learning and maturing as I work towards my goals for my future.
I will be joining Yale University in the fall 2021.
Hersh Nanda, high-school researcher, From 2019.11- 2020.3
I have always been passionate about research. It gives me immense satisfaction and joy to discover new things and solve problems. I have a strong interest in science, and I’m particularly passionate about the medical field.
I am currently at BASIS CHANDLER.
Vaughn Mcgill Adami, undergrad researcher, From 2020.11-2021.8
I’m an undergraduate computer science student at ASU. I enjoy solving problems using machine learning and signal processing techniques.
Jonathan Zhao, undergrad researcher, From 2021.5-2021.8
I am an undergraduate at ASU working towards a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. My interests include machine learning and digital signal processing. I am happy to be able to learn more about research and to apply my knowledge of computer science to other fields.
Ritvik Warrier, undergrad researcher, From 2020.9-2021.8
I’m currently an undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor’s in Computer Science. I firmly believe in drawing inspiration from nature to further technological development. In my free time, I enjoy listening to a variety of music as well as watching and playing basketball. I previously worked as a high-school student researcher with the Wang lab.