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Chao Wang

Welcome to Nanoscience & Biotechnology Lab

About the Lab

The research goal of our group is to develop a multidisciplinary research program that focuses on advancing nanotechnologies to address the grand challenges in biomedicine and energy applications. Our focus of research is threefold. (1) Develop advanced scalable method to create functional nanostructures using nanoimprint lithography and additive manufacturing. (2) Engineer nanomaterials (2D materials, quantum dots, etc.) and metamaterial cavities to probe light-matter interactions. (3) Develop nanosensing systems for controlled manipulation and high-sensitivity detection of biomolecules.

Recent News

2020.4 Dr. Wang and collaborator Prof. Amit Meller at Technion are supported by NSF-BSF to develop a novel sapphire based TiO2 nanopore device for low-noise synchronous detection of DNA molecules and DNA methylation.

2020.4 Our paper (Printing continuous metal structures via polymer-assisted photochemical deposition) in collaboration with Dr. Yu Yao has been published on Materials Today (Impact factor 24). This work is also reported here on ASU Now.

2019.12 Dr. Wang and collaborator Dr. Yu Yao are supported by NSF to develop an additive manufacturing method to print silver structures with micrometer resolution and at ambient conditions for functional electronic and photonic applications.

2019.11 Dr. Wang and collaborator Dr. Yu Yao are supported by DOE to develop a polarimetric imaging system to attach to drones and deployed to evaluate the performance of concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP) collector systems.

2019.08 Our paper in collaboration with Dr. Hao Yan (Soft Robotics Programmed with Double Crosslinking DNA Hydrogels, link) is accepted by Advanced Functional Materials (impact factor 15.6). Congratulations, Zhi!

2019.08 Our paper in collaboration with Dr. Yu Yao (On Chip-Integrated Plasmonic Flat Optics for Mid-Infrared Full-Stokes Polarization Detection, link) is accepted by Photonics Research (impact factor 5.5). Congratulations, Jing and others!

2019.08 Our paper in collaboration with Dr. Yu Yao (Nature-Inspired Chiral Metasurfaces for On-Chip Circularly Polarized Light Detection, link) is accepted by Light: Science & Applications (a journal of Nature Publishing Group, impact factor 14.0). Congratulations, Ali and others!

2019.05 Our group presented at the EIPBN conference ( Zhi and Pengkun delivered five (5) oral presentations!

2019.04 Zhi’s paper (Photochemical synthesis of dendritic silver nano-particles for anti-counterfeiting, link) is accepted by Journal of Materials Chemistry C (Impact factor 6.6). Congratulations, Zhi!

2019.02 Dr. Wang is awarded the NSF CAREER award to investigate a new strategy towards early-stage cancer diagnostics using liquid biopsy on an integrated optofluidic chip.